A LEGO ŁM-50 that has the ultimate no-look shot

Were you aware of Znap, a line of LEGO sets from 1999? What about the ŁM-50 overhead loader, a piece of Polish construction equipment from the 1960’s? Well, Maciej Szymański uses the specialized pieces in the former to make the latter. It was essential to get the proper curved track up and over the operator’s head, depositing the contents of the front-loading scoop behind the machine. Based on reference pictures online, the shaping here is spot on, with some great part choices to recreate the loader’s red wheels. The model feels very clean and intentional. And the panel of intricate wires and tubing feels right at home on equipment like this.

ŁM-50 - the beauty shot

But choosing the correct parts for that overhead track is only worthwhile if the model moves, right? Well, this model comes with motorized treads and an operational winch hooked to the front bucket. I really like the design that drops the bucket at the end of the track, completing its over-the-shoulder hook shot. Check out the ŁM-50 in action below!