A winding alleyway hides some shady characters

LEGO creations can transport the viewer to any manner of time and place, and we are willing to go anywhere as long as Sandro Tagliaferri is our tour guide. Sandro put over 400 hours of build time into this trio of old-world structures, and it shows. Each building is distinct, and yet clearly part of a cohesive style. The textured walls and extensively tiled roofs give the whole scene verisimilitude. Clever parts use abounds, like minifigure legs and owls fitting in as ornate woodwork. But the real achievement is the way the grass gives way to a stone tiled path, leading off into dark alleyway. No doubt a weary traveler might be willing to take their chances down that dark passage, but we’re starting to rethink our commitment to following Sandro anywhere. At least, not without a sword at our side…

Medieval Alleyway - Main

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