A twosome of terrific Trek tech

Set your phasers to positively delighted because LEGO builder Kevin J. Walter has a duo of 1:1 scale Trek tech for you to dork out over. First up is a Tricorder used to sense data, record data, and analyze said data. Star Trek medics use special Tricorders to help diagnose diseases and collect bodily information about a patient while the engineering Tricorder is used for…well, engineering purposes. Captain Kirk mostly used his to categorize hot space babes that he made out with. I like the attention to detail here and it looks as if you can fold it up and stow it in your Star Trek uniform that somehow had no pockets.


Next is a Type II Phaser for shooting space baddies who were not cool with Captain Kirk or anyone else (especially Kirk) making out with their babes. Unless you count a smartphone and a taser, we have to wait a couple of centuries until we can have such cool tech. In the meantime, check out why Kevin J. Walter continues to impress us dorks with his masterful LEGO work.

Phaser Type II

3 comments on “A twosome of terrific Trek tech

  1. Tupperfan

    I believe you meant Starfleet medics and Starfleet uniforms. The same way Rebel Alliance pilots are not Star Wars pilots.

    And these are Star Trek: The Next Generation items, so the Kirk references don’t work too well. And speaking of TNG, Riker’s reputation as a ladies man is way worst than Kirk’s, whose might have been a bit exaggerated.

    I now return to my pedantic cave.

  2. Scott

    The above comments exemplify why star wars fans are way cooler than star trek fans.

    (I like both so I am not exempt from my own criticism)

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