Falun in love with this Falu red cottage

Builder Sarah Beyer presents a lovely modern LEGO cottage on a peaceful island. The cottage utilizes the shaping of the island rather well with its tiers. There’s a balcony and deck to enjoy the sights from, and plenty of plant life to keep a gardener happy. The cottage itself features multi-colored additions that frame the Falu red central portion of the building. This color of paint originates from Falun, Sweden and is most famous for appearing on cottage and other pastoral buildings like barns. Ever wonder why barns are typically red? This is why! This color can be found on many cottages in and around Sweden, and this LEGO one is fine addition to the Falu red legacy. The cottage has a sharp and clean design, and were it real I’d love to visit! Of course, to take a small tour, head over to Sarah’s feed to see the detailed interior.

Saltbreeze House MOC II

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  1. o0ger

    Furthermore, the pigment in the paint comes from the more than 1000 year old copper mine in the middle of Falun. The copper mine was one of the most profitable in Sweden for several hundred years and it was by a show of pride and appreciation everyone around Falun started painting their houses red. It is unclear when this started spreading to the rest of the country, but probably in the late 1800’s when there was a big nationalist romaticism going on

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