10308 Holiday Main Street unveiled as LEGO’s 2022 Winter Village addition [News]

It’s that time of year again! LEGO has revealed this year’s set in the ever-expanding Winter Village line that’s now part of the Icons theme: 10308 Holiday Main Street. Consisting of two buildings, the obligatory Christmas tree, a trolley, and a trolley stop, this yuletide construction is brimming with all the hustle and bustle of a wintertime downtown. And at 1,514 pieces, this is the largest Winter Village set to date. For those looking to start the holidays early, this addition to the Winter Village theme will go on sale at LEGO stores starting on October 3 for VIP members, with general availability on Oct. 7. The set will be available for VIPs starting on October 3rd, and retails for US $99.99 | CAN $99.99 | UK £89.99

LEGO Icons 10308 Holiday Main Street | 1,514 pieces | Available Oct. 7 (Oct. 3 for VIPs) | US $99.99 | CAN $99.99 | UK £89.99

This is the first Winter Village set since 10235 Winter Village Market (released nine years ago) to feature multiple buildings, and certainly the first of this product line without a singular construction as the focus of the set.

The backs of the buildings are left open, revealing all the detail inside the music shop, the toy shop, kitchen, and a bedroom featuring a miniature brick-built Xmas tree.

And don’t forget the trolley! This festive bit of transportation helps keep the pedestrians’ feet out of the slush and sports a brilliant wreath on its front. The design is made for use with the Powered Up app, but there’s no indication of what additional parts may be required.

The set features six minifigures in total: three shoppers, two shop owners, and a trolley operator.

Here’s the press release on the set from LEGO:


22nd September 2022: Continue your Winter Village story with the new LEGO® Holiday Main Street set, festive downtown trolley and dappled with LEGO snow, making it the perfect gift for the family this Christmas.

Gather the family together and fill the room with holiday spirit as you create this highly detailed set. The LEGO Holiday Main Street includes two festive shops (with homes on the top floor), which are open-back to allow for easy access to the fun. The set also comes with four instruction booklets, making it perfect for building together.

This cosy build is packed with a host of exciting features, including a Christmas tree, a trolley car and a host of minifigures and gifts, perfect for getting younger members of the family involved.

LEGO Creative Lead Jamie Berard commented “The annual LEGO Winter Village sets are one of my all-time favorite holiday traditions. The Holiday Main Street brings together a whole downtown of activity and imagination into one set. Building as an individual or as a family, you’ll discover a model with all the hustle and bustle of a festive shopping street – complete with trolley, snow topped shops and children posting letters. I especially like the brick-built toys in the toy shop and the super-cute mini-Christmas tree in the upper apartment. They just make me smile.”

The LEGO Holiday Main Street set is available from 1st October 2022 via LEGO Stores and www.lego.com/Main-Street priced at $/€99.99/£89.99.


• Age – 18+
• The streetcar measures:
4in / 10cm (height)
6.5in / 17cm (width)
2.5in / 7cm (length)
• 1,514 pieces
• Price: $99.99/€99.99/£89.99/169.99 AUD/129.99 CAD
• Key functions and features include:
Two buildings, with studded roofs and snowfall
One trolley car (which is ready for Powered Up app integration)
A Christmas tree
The model is filled with little stories, lots of minifigures and gifts
Once built, the open-back building design invites builders to play with the set
• The Winter Village Collection includes 13 sets in total

8 comments on “10308 Holiday Main Street unveiled as LEGO’s 2022 Winter Village addition [News]

  1. Karyn

    On the LEGO website it says that the set becomes available October 7, with early VIP access October 3. Are you saying that the stores will have it earlier than that (Oct 1?)?

  2. Jimmy

    That is some really lovely architectural detailing, and the snow on the roofs, ground, and railings really bring it all together. Nicely done Lego designer.

  3. Dusty

    Jimmy, I have to respectfully disagree. LEGO has typically raised the bar with little intricacies in their Winter Village sets. This one lacks so much depth in more than one way. This is the first year I’ve been let down by their design. I feel like this is just a standard set. I’ll still get it because I have a problem and have to collect them all. However, I’ll be modifying the set greatly to give it that depth it lacks.

  4. Bob

    Agree with Dusty. The set this year is very disappointing compared to past years. Hate to say that I expect more from LEGO but I expect more from LEGO. Very disappointing.

  5. John

    I’ve been dissapointed in the series since it seemed to lean into a Norman Rockwell idea of Christmas rather than something more European village. I’ve no interest in this one.

  6. Jimmy

    OK went and looked more closely at the previous winter village sets. Y’all have a good point, previous buildings were deeper and more detailed interiors, with clever play features. Those seem to be one structure + some small side builds.

    It’s interesting because the price and qty of bricks are all roughly the same.

    So what happened here? It seems like trying to do two buildings plus a detailed trolley spread the 1500 bricks too thin.

    I am speculating Lego didn’t want to make just another slope-roofed cottage. Tough decision for them. Make one bigger retail store? (lets admit that shopping is definitely a part of the holiday season) Make one or two detailed trolleys with basically no buildings? Or ?

  7. Dusty

    Jimmy, I agree with you on the “spread too thin” statement. I think that is the issue I am personally having. Personally, it is reminiscent of the LEGO Ski Resort 60203, which I purchased to pull from to add to my “Christmas Wonderland”.

    The slope-roof/European village design has obviously been the mainstay of the line (outside of the whimsical additions). It’s what I’ve come to enjoy.

    Playing “Devil’s Advocate”, the Winter Village Station did not have depth, per say, in the interior of the building, but did so on the front end. It also came with a bus and a bit more character.

    I wonder if the limited release of the LEGO Ideas Winter Chalet from Bricklink had anything to do with the scale back. While this example is a huge difference, it is what I have enjoyed about the Winter Village sets. I was lucky enough to pop in when it went on sale but have to wait until spring. Here’s a link to that:

    As someone mentioned above, they did set it up so that four people could work on it together, kind of what the holiday season is about. Still, I was expecting more details. I’ll still purchase it, modify it, but it’ll be one of those “extra” buildings.

    I do like the trolley though.

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