Is that a solar flare or a fire dragon coming to roast me?

Andreas Leander brings another excellent LEGO build to the Summer Joust with this fiery dragon! This dragon competes in the Gradient category with its yellow to orange scales. Like the sun itself, this dragon is hard to look at with the fire that burns from within. It raises its glorious head high, preparing to expel a stream of fire at those it finds unworthy of witnessing its majesty. Half and quarter rounded tiles run up and down the dragon’s neck, hearkening wonderfully to warm scales. The best part of the build for me are the natural elements making up the mane and beard. Leaves and flower studs wreath the dragon’s neck and chin with burning plumes of fire. Makes me wonder if the horns are made of brimstone… I’d ask, but I don’t think the dragon is taking any questions at this time.

Fire dragon