Going out on a limb for a good view from home

From the imagination of Cab ~ comes a LEGO cottage held fast above a flowing river. Did the land form in such a fashion, or did the wizard shape it with magic? Who’s to say, but the end result is certainly an eyecatcher! Built for the Summer Joust contest, for the Bridging the Gap category, the arm stretches across more than 32 studs. The arm is supported by way of technic pieces hidden in the structure, with only 4 technic pins holding it to the base. The background and surrounding landscape use forced perspective to achieve some wonderful depth, but my attention is pulled to the foreground details. The wizard’s goat has broken free, making a dash for the nearby woods. The wizard chases after it along the arm’s length. The shaping of the terrain, from the wooded area up to the land, is absolutely gorgeous! It features great use of slopes, tiles, plates, and hinges to achieve a really standout build.

In Good Hands

Of course, that’s not to mention the cottage itself! The walls of the home contain a plethora of rounded pieces, including some minifig headwear. Can you spot them? I personally like the use of croissants for the chimney’s smoke and the red kite flying in the wind. There’s also a skunk hiding somewhere in the scene. Take a look, but be careful lest it sprays you!

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