Excellent Excalibur in a stone with a secret

Dicken Liu has added another life-sized weapon to their collection, following on from the lightsaber that we featured a few weeks ago. While this one still comes from a long time ago, though, it does come from a galaxy that isn’t so far, far away, even if it exists mainly in legend. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking this is just your average very good LEGO sword. But since it’s embedded in a rock, there’s no mistaking it: this is the legendary Excalibur. As a piece, this looks excellent – the gold highlights and green foliage add some visual interest to the black and greys of the rest. But hang on… There do some to be a few holes in this particular stone… What’s going on here?

King Arthur-01

The holes and gold highlights hint at a hidden kingdom inside the rock! Both sides depict parts of King Arthur’s story. The right-hand side shows Arthur at the beginning of his journey, at the gates of what I presume is a very cute miniature Camelot. On the left is the king at the height of his powers, with his famous Knights of the Round Table. Both sides look great, especially the spectacular goldwork on the left. What is most intriguing to me, however, is that little Technic L-beam in the middle. It clearly locks into the latch on the opposite half. But the sword is also conspicuously absent here… Liu hasn’t provided a description here, but I have an inkling that this is a locking mechanism, with the sword as the key. Therefore by pulling the sword from the stone, you can begin Arthur’s journey. Assuming this is the case, that’s pure genius!

King Arthur-02

It’d be remiss of me not to shine the spotlight on the sword as well. It uses curved slopes along the length of the blade. It looks really fantastic, especially with the dark grey mimicking the ridges seen here on real swords. The gold highlights give that perfect regal touch as well. It looks very satisfying to wield!

King Arthur-03

2 comments on “Excellent Excalibur in a stone with a secret

  1. dickenliu

    Wow, thank you brother brick and Theo Spencer, XD…
    As for the base part, I put a mechanism – when the sword is inserted, it can lock the rocks on both sides. After pulling out the sword, the power is provided by 12787c01 placed on the base, which can automatically unfold the rocks on both sides.
    thank you!

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