Not impressed by this build? “Shaman” you!

Toddrick has invoked his shamanic brick-building powers to bring us this intriguing LEGO character. The pose is somehow intimidating, yet there seem to be no weapons or immediate aggression on display. There is nothing in the way of an explanation from Toddrick either – he’s letting the bricks do the talking, and boy are they chatty here! The eye is immediately drawn to that colourful face mask, which really stands out against the black and brown hues of the rest of the build. I like seeing rubber bands used in designs to break up the solid lines of LEGO bricks, and they are used as detailing here as well as on the beastly horns. The leaf elements of the face are reflected by the use of more vegetation elsewhere on the mage’s outfit. This seems logical – after all, that’s likely what such traditional outfits are made of in the real world. The bushes on the sleeves in particular look really authentic. Toddrick hasn’t limited himself to system pieces either – the staff is a flexible axle, and the chest piece comes from Hero Factory. I think the necklace might even be a Scala or Clikits piece. Finally, on the back is a Duplo camp fire piece. Just about every LEGO system is represented here. Now that is magic!

Beast Shaman