Welcome back to a coastal Nordic LEGO village

Great Odin’s raven! This LEGO Viking town by builder Simon Schweyer is an excellent return to form after six years away from the hobby. The lush green landscape atop those rocks is festooned with so many quaint buildings, all of them boasting some wonderful curves. The roof shaping, unique to each structure, is the first thing to catch my eye. Though all the buildings have their own character, the shared colors and building styles in each one makes them feel like a cohesive unit. And employing ship hulls in some of those lovely shapes is some great part usage. Lover of texture that I am, I find the haphazard makeup of the hut walls to be quite endearing. And the minifig placement gives the eye a reason to linger on certain parts of the build. As my eyes pass over it, each of the individual scenes stand out. Has the shepherd lost some of his flock? What song are the bards sharing with the town? And have the fish been biting today?

A Mitgardian Adventure (Main)

Of particular note, I’m very taken with this little longboat in the harbor. The sculpting of the hull is well done, with a nice color change from dark red to brown to dark brown as it drops toward the water. The normally awkward dragon head part at its prow is expertly positioned and feels right at home with the rest of the vessel. And from the look of the fish being hauled up the dock, it seems like they did very well today out at sea.

A Mitgardian Adventure (Ship)

Back on dry land, the interior of each building is detailed. While I can’t go through all of the excellent pictures, I do want to give you a peak inside the central longhouse. The stained glass window is beautiful, as are all the wine-making accoutrements spread throughout both floors. The owner certainly has their priorities in order.

A Mitgardian Adventure (House)

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  1. Vidar Henning

    Them figs are accurate when you consider the source material. How to train your dragon, if I’m not mistaken… (which is fantasy/viking cliché galore on the other hand)

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