An Avengers vignette that leaves an impact

Can you believe Marvel’s The Avengers just turned 10 years-old? To celebrate the momentous occasion, Okay Yaramanoglu has crafted a vignette replicating the Battle of New York from the film’s third act. Everyone’s here, from Cap to Hulk, keeping the city safe from the Chitauri. (And if you look closely, you’ll even spot a cameo by a certain scribe of super heroic shenanigans, True Believer!)

Avengers: The Battle of NYC

But my favorite detail is the pavement that’s been cratered in by a good ol’ fashioned Hulk-stomping.

Avengers: The Battle of NYC crater

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  1. Anonymous

    The technique used for the caved-in pavement is a Lego net element, 1×1 plates, and Technic connector (O-type) pegs with stud endings. The pegs attach to the tiles, and the pegs are slotted into the holes in the net. You’re welcome!

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