A smorgas-burg of medieval life

This LEGO castle, Burg Birgstein, from builder Birgitte Jonsgard gives us a peek at what life may have been like in the Middle Ages! The castle flows upward with lovely focus points along the way, starting with the washer cleaning their clothes in the stream. Guards keep watch around the entrances, walls, and towers in the off-chance someone attacks. An owl perches atop some chimneys–even wildlife had things to do in a castle! The color blocking of this ancient fortress gives depth to each section. I love all the design choices of the build, but I’ve got to draw your attention to the twin peaks in the middle! These feature a clever use of a drill piece where the spikes give texture to the spires.

Just on the other side of the first wall, a horse teaches the farrier a lesson improper shoeing. The stable-hand and the horse’s owner watch in amusement. There’s even a cat standing watch with the guard (probably eying that rodent by the farrier). This angle gives a better view of the castle’s detailing, particularly the green building’s elements. I just love the layering of the brown plates with the sand-green bricks!

Further on in the castle is an inner courtyard teeming with activity! Vibrant plant life act as a backdrop for the scenes surrounding the well at the center. Round tiles and olive-green studs define the courtyard’s ground. A mounted knight enters through a gateway while someone brings buckets to fetch water. Tucked into the left corner, a woodcutter chops logs for their hearth. A child pets an orange cat while a bluebird sings from the well’s edge. A cute black kitten stalks their prey, though I think the mouse will give them the slip! And a guard stands on the wall above, no doubt amused by the birdsong and the playful kitten.