Great Scott! Look at this hover board!

I am still mad that hoverboards aren’t real (despite Justin Anderson telling me in the 4th grade that his Uncle totally bought one when he went to Japan) so this build by LEGO builder Alex Jones is the next best thing. The actual construction of the board has nearly movie-perfect lines and looks great in classic neon pink. I am a sucker for good LEGO-tile lettering and Jones nails the “Hover Board” text. The build also stokes my 80’s kid feels with a perfect recreation of Nike MAGs (no note from the builder as to how many gigawatts the light kit takes). Jones notes that he is publishing the instructions “soon” but without access to a time machine, I can’t give you a specific date.

BacktotheFuture Mag&Hoverboard

2 comments on “Great Scott! Look at this hover board!

  1. hntrains

    The boots look nice – nicer than LEGO’s own, horrendous Addidas shoe. The board – that I find appalling. Not only the general colour, but also the design – just common and uninspired.
    Also, this particular image does not show clearly the end of the board, which, thus, looks very odd.
    Those boots deserve better than that.

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