A portrait of the artist in plastic – Frida KahLego

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo created many amazing self portraits over her impressive career. Now, South African artist  Michelle Krüger has taken a fun twist to those works, and created a LEGO mosaic version using a huge array of colorful elements. This complex construction uses layers of bricks, plates, tiles, and even plant elements to create color values that aren’t currently possible in single element 1×1 tile or plate mosaics. This style also adds a lot of really interesting textures to the real-world build, rewarding the viewer for leaning in and taking a close look at just how those at-a-distance shapes are achieved.

There’s a lot happening in the worlds of LEGO mosaics lately. Check out other LEGO mosaics here on TBB for more featured builds and artists!

1 comment on “A portrait of the artist in plastic – Frida KahLego

  1. hntrains

    Indeed, there are very many people who make mosaics. The number has increased after LEGO released their own sets – as it so often happens.
    But most of these people are only skilled; rarely do we see an artist among them. Good enough, indeed, if we think of LEGO as just a toy and these people as only playing!

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