What day is it? This puzzle has the answer.

After noticing a daily puzzle calendar, Aukbricks wanted one for themselves. But there wasn’t one to be found in any nearby stores. The solution was simple – build one out of LEGO!

Daily Calendar Puzzle

By arranging the colorful tiles in various configurations, you can leave the date, month, and day of the week displayed for any day of the year. Figuring out the exact configuration makes for a complicated way to start your morning, but it’s also an excellent excuse to procrastinate the start of the workday. “I’ll be there in a minute, boss…I just need to update my calendar.”

Daily Calendar Puzzle

7 comments on “What day is it? This puzzle has the answer.

  1. Philip

    It appears to be a horizontally-flipped version of DragonFjord’s calendar puzzle, EU design 007690433. I don’t see a full analysis actually proving that every date is possible. They seem to purposefully leave the question open by including a paper calendar for you to cross out the days of the year you did figure out, and only saying there are “almost 120 thousand ways the pieces fit in the frame” which implies someone at least ran the enumeration, regardless of the outcome. It actually looks like a fun problem to solve with code…

  2. Josh Ward

    The DragonFjord calendar puzzle doesn’t include days of the week. I know their calendar is solvable for every day of the year (I’ve seen a guide with a working solution for every day) but adding in the day of the week is a whole other thing, since every day would also have to be solvable for 7 different entries on that section.

  3. Jimmy

    This is absolutely a thing I would buy from Lego Ideas or elsewhere. I just went to see if Modulex has anything like these named/numbered tiles and of course they are listed but good luck finding some for sale.

  4. Thane Greyhaven

    That is so weird! I had just made one of those myself. Slightly different. Mine doesn’t have the Days of the Week, and I think I like the font he used better. But otherwise the same concept. https://flic.kr/p/2mYP1tR

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