Red rally shark

The Dakar Rally ended on January 14th and Audi made an impressive debut of the futuristic RS Q E-tron. In celebration of the annual event, builder Martin Josh Vala has created a series of his own rally car ideas. The Shark T1+ is the eighth in the collection and is loosely based on the SRT Rally Team’s car. With some help on the suspension from his friend Dariusz SÄ™dziak, this model is ready to hit the track. Its sleek body and high front end ensure a fighting chance against the competitors.

Shark T1+

The rear shows off the exhaust and other mechanical workings of the exposed rear engine. I love the curve in the rear fender and spoiler which contrasts the angular front end. Gull-wing doors provide plenty of room to enter the spacious interior. It’s always interesting seeing the techniques that builders use to achieve this effect.

Shark T1+

Pop the top off and you’ll see the detailed interior and V6 engine. A roll cage and Sparco seats keep the team safe as they push their way through the course. Gearheads will love the details in the motor and rally fans will appreciate the dedication to detail that Martin puts into all of his models.

Shark T1+

Though this year’s race is over, there’s no telling when this series will end. Eight models deep, you might imagine he’ll give it a rest until next year. Whatever the case, we’re looking forward to seeing more from him.

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