Visit Galaxy’s Edge in this massive collaborative LEGO build!

The planet Batuu lies at the edge of the known galaxy, a waypoint bordering the unknown regions. It is an outpost known only to a few. To get there, one must… go to Disneyland? In America?
Well, a group of European builders in the BrickzLab community shared the same sentiment and decided to build their own Galaxy’s Edge in LEGO – but set in the Dark Times era, which takes place after the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Nine talented builders came together to build this immersive town: Malen Garek, dogma_54, The Brickforce, Luca S Projects, LegoFordo, H2Brick, lego_earth_production, lego_fanboy, and W1chard. Their goal was to display it at the German LEGO exhibition of IDS Brickworld, and the result was a massive 190cm by 130cm (6.3′ by 4.3′) display lit up with custom LEGO-compatible LED lights by Lightailing.

Each of the nine people contributed a section built on one to three big 48×48 baseplates. Each section includes sandy terrain, spiky rock work, lush foliage, or weathered architecture cluttered with crates, pipes, and market canopies. The actual Galaxy’s Edge theme park, its concept art, and even its virtual version in The Sims 4 served as reference material for this build. Each section had similar visual elements that different builders could combine sections into one cohesive build. It helps that this group of builders have built many collaborations together that they’re able to establish a uniform style, which helps present a singular build with no uncanny spots. It even stumped the audience at the exhibition, many of whom believed that this was the work of one or two people.

Many people in this group – and even outside of the collab – contributed minifigures. Some even contributed vehicles. Malen Garek’s V-wing fighter rests on one of the landing pads, While Lord Vader’s black Eta-II interceptor was provided by TWP. Outside the city is an A5 Juggernaut – not the massive one seen in Revenge of the Sith, but a smaller variant that Malen Garek and myself (Mansur “Waffles” Soeleman) built together to scale. I even provided a “friendly” landspeeder to this immersive build…