Tankducken is more dangerous than deep-fat frying

With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner in the US, it’s time for a quick PSA about deep-fat frying your turkey. If you fill the fryer with too much oil, or don’t make sure your turkey is entirely thawed and dried, you could be working with a recipe for disaster. But that’s not the most dangerous fowl-related thing we’ve encountered. No, that has to be the Tankducken by¬†Michael Kautzer. This massive meal is a twist on the culinary “Turducken” concept – a duck stuffed into a chicken stuffed into a turkey. Yes, inside this single-tread, carrot-firing war machine are two feathered pilots.

The minifigure-scaled tank has dual carrot-cannon drumsticks and a richly basted color scheme. I love the great presentation here, with the cranberry garnishes and a chef who is no longer interested in being involved in the carving process.

The Tankdunken has a full interior, complete with extra ammo and controls. And, no, I wasn’t kidding that it’s stuffed with duck and chicken. (I think the chicken holding the duck counts for the recursion, don’t you?) What are their agendas? Who can say, but I suspect that this is one time you really want to forego talking about politics over the dinner table. These guys are itching for a fight.

The Tankducken was built as part of the “Tanksgiving” challenge at WisLUG, my local LEGO group. If you’re in the Wisconsin area, check them out. They’re a lot of fun!

If you’re interested in your tanks having a more straight-faced military flavor, though, why not take a stroll through our tank archives?