LEGO baseplates to get sustainable packaging, new set numbers in 2022 [News]

Today LEGO has announced that they will be updating the packaging on the standalone baseplates to employ sustainable paper packaging instead of the thin plastic sleeves the pieces are currently sold in. The new packaging is slated to be available starting next year, and LEGO will be issuing new set numbers for the baseplates that use the updated packaging. The company says they have no plans to discontinue any of the baseplates. This follows last year’s announcement about LEGO’s broader sustainability initiatives, including a planned move to paper instead of plastic bags inside sets, a move that had been scheduled to begin this year. Today LEGO said that rollout will also begin in early 2022.

LEGO baseplates with the current plastic packaging.

The four baseplate products that will be affected are:

10700 Green Baseplate | US $7.99 | CAN $9.99 | UK £6.99

10701 Grey Baseplate | US $14.99 | CAN $17.99 | UK £12.99

10714 Blue Baseplate | US $7.99 | CAN $9.99 | UK £6.99

11010 White Baseplate | US $7.99 | CAN $9.99 | UK £6.99

Here’s the official statement from LEGO:

Over the next few months you will likely see some products with “retiring soon” branding or perhaps a local retailer reporting that they are no longer able to order certain products. We want to share ahead of time that there is no need to be alarmed about baseplates.

In 2022, baseplates will be changing from their current plastic packaging to more sustainable paper packaging. Besides packaging, there are no additional changes with the LEGO baseplates and you will still be able to get the same colors and sizes in 2022 that you can purchase today. You can expect to see the new packaging around March 1, 2022.

Current Product Number

Product Number as of March ’22

Product Name



Green Baseplate



Gray Baseplate



Blue Baseplate



White Baseplate

Visit to learn more about what the LEGO Group is doing in regards to sustainability and our Planet Promise.

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  1. Exxos

    I am confused. The last time I saw baseplates for sale was at a toys’r’us in Florida and they had a paper sleeve around them, exposing about 50% of the baseplate to the elements, like the packaging of scrubbing pads. At some point they switched to entirely enclosed plastic bags?

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