Don’t get stung by this hornet!

The CF-18 Hornet is an essential fixture of the fighting capabilities of the Royal Canadian Air Force. It’s seen here depicted in LEGO form by builder Ryan Harriswho is well-known for his realistic LEGO portrayals of aircraft and trains.

Lego CF-18 Hornet

Wow! So much light blue! Most jet aircraft are depicted in grey, so props to Ryan for going the extra mile and getting so much of another color in there. I also admire the angle of the tail fins and the thinness of every wing in general. He’s also nailed the landing gear, giving it the full structure you’d expect to see on the F-18 in real life.

Lego CF-18 Hornet

That cockpit really shines in this build. The use of a backward canopy combined with the transparent sloped wedges helps get the correct dimensions for the cockpit. I like that there’s an actual LEGO minifigure flying the jet!

Lego CF-18 Hornet

Thanks for sharing this beautifully designed aircraft with us, Ryan!

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