This Friends/Ninjago mash-up will leave fans of both themes wowed.

I think it’s a universal truth that fans love a good mash-up. Marvel and DC. Ninja Turtles and Star Trek. Transformers and Back to the Future. Smush two well-known properties together, and you often end up with something greater than the sum of its parts. That’s certainly the case here, with Michael Kanemoto’s take on two familiar LEGO themes. Friends and Ninjago fuse to become FRIENDSJAGO – a tale of BFF Ninjas, who have captured the airship of the evil warlord Ragamadon (that’s Regina + Garmadon). But Ragamadon would rather see her ship sink than let the ninjas have it, so she’s used her four swords to burst the ship’s balloon.

Friendsjago: Quarter view

This alternate reality take Ninjago’s Destiny’s Bounty represents over 100 hours of build time. The entire model is three feet tall and nearly as long. But, perhaps most impressive, the build is suspended in midair on a single 1×4 Technic brick. Gravity-defying feet than I can only contribute to the combined powers of Spinjitzu and friendship.

Ship details