A bridge over bloodied waters

The Peninsular War of 1807-1814 saw the forces of Spain, Portugal, and Britain take on Napoleon’s French army in a struggle for control of the Iberian peninsula. Gary Brooks has picked one of the war’s many battles as the subject for his first LEGO creation in two years — and it’s a diorama worth waiting for. The imposing stone bridge over the River Côa plays host to two opposing armies, in a scene over 100 studs in width…

Combat of The Côa, 1810

Yes, that’s a LOT of soldiers, but this isn’t just one of those “lots of minifigs” scenes — the bridge is a smart collection of angles, with the join in the middle nicely hidden behind some foliage, and the landscaping and plantwork is very well done. The presentation is excellent too, with the central action neatly framed by the heavy black base.

If I were the French, I wouldn’t fancy trooping across this particular river crossing. Just look at that welcoming commitee!

"Welcome to Portugal, Frenchie!"