LEGO soft launches Fan Moments featuring fan made photographs of LEGO built sets [News]

LEGO has stepped up fan engagement and constantly looking for new ways to engage their customers with the astronomical success with the LEGO Ideas platform and many other programmes. Today we noticed a new feature showcased on LEGO Online Shop called Fan Moments. It appears as a gallery showcased between the product highlight and the product specifications page. The section features images that LEGO fans have photographed of their set purchased and built and sourced from Instagram

The screen capture below is taken from the LEGO 10295 Porsche 911 page on the LEGO Shop online. The images are natively square, based on the default Instagram image ratios. The photographs are credited with the builder’s Instagram handle but it does not link to the social media platform.

To get featured, all you have to do is start taking photos of your build and tag @lego on the instagram platform. If LEGO decides to use your image and acknowledges your tag, you’ll have to reply to them on your same post with the hashtag #YESLEGO of which you will be accepting to their Terms of Use at The fine print also states that you’ll need to be over 18 years of age to participate.

Not all LEGO sets will feature the Fan Moments as from our guess based on the #yeslego tags which totals around 20.8K images as of today. The initiative started around 14 weeks ago which puts them in the March 2021 timeframe, so you’ll probably see Fan Moments for more popular themes and sets that was released in the first half of the year and not on every page.

While we’re on the topic of getting featured, how does one get featured on The Brothers Brick with your custom creations?  We do have an extensive guide that you can refer to. Happy building!


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