The odd satisfaction of watching a continuous looping LEGO construction

There’s something just so mesmerizing just following a ball running through a continuous loop of cleverly constructed parts with LEGO. If you take a closer look, builder jazlecraz has put much more thought into this self-contained creation than meets the eye.

I’m pretty pleased to see a few familiar LEGO themes in various sections ball makes it journey around the island. The ones that stand out to me are the Classic Space theme, the LEGO Castle theme, a bit of a Pirate theme reference and colours of the Ninjago world.

LEGO fans across the world name such creations as the Great Ball Contraption and are quite popular on a large scale at events and conventions. Jazlecraz not only built a manual cranking system but also added the option of running this via LEGO powered motors for hands-free joy and entertainment.

You will want to check out how all the modules fit and they all come together delightfully with the ball making its full run in the video below.