Dropship to the rescue!

Reinforcements have arrived! Whether you are deploying soldiers to the battlefront or supplies in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, Anders Sinding’s dropship is the LEGO vehicle needed to get the job done.

This build looks like it arrives screaming down from the skies. It’s clear this dropship is capable of anything. I’m way impressed with the decision to not use transparent pieces for the cockpit, going instead with sloped bricks angled in a way to have the same jutting windscreen vibe. The engines are just as incredible, using not one, not two, but three fan intakes.


I like the clear blue piece on the nose. I’m sure it’s part of the dropship’s sensor equipment, helping sweep the landing area for obstacles or threats before deploying. As far as color goes, I really admire the choice to stick with red with white and blue accents.

Overall, I would be more than happy to see this ship coming to the rescue if I was in a tough spot.