Ten years of Ninjago in a single build

How’s this for dedication? Lee Chi Wing (city son) binge-watched all 14 seasons (160 episodes) of Ninjago to make sure the stories and characters were represented correctly in this amazing tribute. The build itself was accomplished in just seven days, too.  Take a little time and treat yourself to a close look at this masterpiece.

NINJAGO (2021)

Who can you spot? Can you name everyone? Identify the seasons? Want some hints? Lee Chi Wing has you covered with a host of images as an answer key!

Let’s start off with some key characters and early episodes. I love the textures on the brick-built mountains and the shaping on the dragons. The weaponized halo around Lloyd is also pretty spiffy.
NINJAGO (2021) - The Legend of the Green Ninja

Jay, Cole, and Nya get spotlighted along the left-hand side of the build. A cool bit of design here is the layered 1×2 plates creating themed Spinjitzu effects around each ninja.
NINJAGO (2021) - Jay, Nya and Cole

On the left, Kai and Zane take the stage, with a backdrop of impressive baddies from all through the show.
NINJAGO (2021) - Zane and Kai

Along the bottom more character tributes, but the star is that adorable Destiny’s Bounty mini-build. The dragon on the sail is just amazing.
NINJAGO (2021) - Oni and the Dragon Trilogy

And there’s still more detail crammed in there. I love the minifigure flippers adorning the snake from season one.
NINJAGO (2021) - Rogue Gallery

I’ve been getting sucked more and more into Ninjago lore, but mainly through reviewing the sets. This build makes me want to start the 160-episode plunge, too. I better start soon, too, as the next season is just around the corner.