Mooove over, Year of the Rat

As the Year of the Ox is approaching next week, Ian Hou (AKA DOGOD Brick Design) blesses us with a new LEGO creation. He wishes us a happy, healthy new year and tells us to be as strong as an ox. And thinking about the positives of having gotten through this past year, let’s look into Ian’s brick cow. All throughout you’ll find excellent part usages and slope shaping. The legs are formed by angled wedge plates and the hooves with 2×2 corner wedges. Ian also uses a 6×6 train roof for the cow’s thigh and a half arch for the subtle shaping of the cow’s neck.

nEO_IMG_2021_Be strong as an Ox(正)_1

Up close you’ll see the clever use of Mixels eyeball printed minifig heads, each donning a minifig knit cap. According to Ian, the project started with the sculpting of the cow’s nose, followed by lots of SNOT (Studs Not on Top).

nEO_IMG_2021_Be strong as an Ox_04

Ian’s got a knack for sculpting animals out of brick, both real and animated. Check out another one of his recent builds, featuring Bugs Bunny from Space Jam.