An oil platform built from oil-based bricks.

We all love to build LEGO creations and occasionally some of us even make a bit of money doing it. I don’t know much about Fitec Supply but I hope they paid handsomely for this stunning oil platform by Niek Geurts. It’s tough to pinpoint what scale this is. It’s bigger than what we’d call micro-scale, maybe more in the realm of midi-scale and certainly smaller than minifig-scale. Regardless, the detail here is top notch. I’m loving the cranes, the oranges lifeboats and the helipad. The overall industrial feel of it makes me want to put on a hard hat and some coveralls and check temperature and pressure gauges or whatever else it is they do on oil platforms. With LEGO creations this good, we’ll be certainly be checking the gauges on what Niek is up to from time to time.

Lego oil platform

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  1. Purple Dave

    The general rule of thumb I use is that if it’s smaller than minifig scale, but you can still represent people with LEGO elements (game fits, trophy fits, stacks of plates, etc), that’s microscale. If it’s too small to identify people, that’s nanoscale. If you want anything more precise than that, use the actual scale.

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