Not all bounty hunters are Mandalorians

I’m one of those annoying Star Wars fanboys who liked Boba Fett for no good reason. What did he do to deserve the adulation poured down upon him? Nothing. Ok, he had some menacing lines, and cool looking gear, and an awesome spaceship that flew the wrong way (or maybe landed the wrong way), but beyond that all he did was get embarrassingly knocked into a Sarlacc mouth by a blind guy with a spear. But as we all know by now, bounty hunting is a complicated profession, and the popular love for Mandalorians and their ilk has only grown, getting featured in The Attack of the Clones, The Clone Wars, Rebels, and even getting their own eponymous show. My love has grown correspondingly, too. So when one of the categories for this year’s Space Jam was to build a LEGO bounty hunting ship, I was all about that, and started making something inspired by the Razor Crest.

Harvester II

The angles around the front of the Harvester II were a bit tricky, but I really wanted to use those canopies for the ship. So I fiddled around with various ways of connecting things to fill the gaps and ended up with wiggly bits attached to Mixel joints and tucked behind other panels. It’s pretty secure, though I wouldn’t recommend handling it by the front. I moved back from the front, figuring things out as I went. It’s got a full interior (or at least a full cockpit with seating for two) and a cargo bay in the back with room for some carbonite-encased bounties, and I even included some light bricks to illuminate the space. I was proud of the way the engines turned out, as they were the part that I spent the longest getting right, changing the size, shape, and general design multiple times along the way. Fortunately, I found some tank treads and used those, sticking some 1×4 tiles onto them. Then I built a landing bay for the ship, because every good ship needs somewhere to call home, right? And since I love immersive LEGO scenes, that was the way I went (though I did edit it a sky, replacing my basement and the cardboard that served as a backdrop in the unedited version).

Harvester II

If you love immersive LEGO builds, too, you should check our archives. And you should also look at the impressive collection of LEGO Star Wars builds we have featured in the past, too. This is the way!

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  1. Fredko

    Agreed. We absolutely need more pictures of this one, to see and appreciate more angles of it and the whole scene. It deserves the effort, if possible thank you. It looks very good !

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