LEGO reveals 10278 Police Station as next in the Modular Buildings Collection [News]

LEGO has announced its 16th Modular building in the highly popular lineup first introduced in 2007. The upcoming set will be a Police Station with an intricate architectural flair, sandwiched between a donut shop and a newsstand. The box art transitions to the new adult-themed dark background shades with an 18+ age guidance indicator, also a bump up from the 16+ age recommendation since the inception of the series, along with new Modular Buildings Collection branding.

The set comes with 2,923 pieces and 5 minifigures and will retail for $199.99 US | $269.99 CAD | €199 EU | $299.99 AU and will be available on January 1, 2021. This makes it the second-largest Modular building, following the special 10th-anniversary Assembly Square with 4,002 pieces.

The external facade of the station is tan, with an architectural motif from early European inspiration with fashionable standout Roman columns on all three floors. This modular design is unique with a narrow main building sandwiched in between two other smaller structures. The interior layout tells a different story, however, with the right-hand building featuring a connected jail cell to give the Police Station a bit more room.

The right section of the building is a newsstand on the ground floor, and neatly tucked at the back is a narrow extension of the police station with a jail cell. Only the main police station has a third level connected via a staircase while the side buildings only rise to the second floor. The sidewalk has two neatly trimmed plants, one on each side of the station entrance, a street bench and a lamp post in front of the newsstand. 

The left section of the building is a two-story cozy looking donut shop with sweet snacks to fill the appetites of neighboring residents in blue.

Entering the police station, visitors are greeted with a tall front desk counter with an old school telephone. The staircase leading to the second floor rises behind the front desk counter. Immediately to the left is a water cooler. The jail cell features a bench bed and a toilet tucked into the corner.

The outer facade of the second-floor features three different window designs. A door leading to the outside of the building is located at the back of the second floor of the donut shop.

The inside corner of the second level is where all the police action happens. A detective case board is mounted on the wall next to a table with a typewriter where all the police paperwork piles up. In the far adjoining corner is a photobooth where mugshots are made. A camera is mounted on a vertical stand and placed across to a white backdrop to get that perfect mugshot. Behind the walls and across to the donut shop are living quarters with a kitchen, a living room with an old record turntable record player and a surprise trapdoor for the donut thief to pull off his delectable heists.

The outer facade of the third story features a large signboard featuring an advertisement for the Laundromat Soap Suds, which is a service provided in the corner outlet of the Brick Bank modular down the street. 

The third story leads to a lounge area for the officers to take a break and a restroom. There is also a rooftop water tank above the donut shop. 

There is little fanfare on the rooftop of the station with the exception of antennas.


As with all modular buildings, there are secrets to explore and this one takes some of the adventures to the back of the station. We spot an additional exit door at the back of the police station and a sequence of ladders that reach the rooftop – making it perfect for a foot chase.

The set comes with 5 minifigures, with a donut shop owner, a donut thief and three police officers. The donut shop owner has a constant laugh on her face and in a red and teal green striped blouse. The cookie thief sports a beret and a satchel as an accessory and dressed in a striking red sweater. He has a raised eyebrow with light stubble. Two officers wearing caps, one sporting a clean and upbeat mood with his smile while the other has a mustache and stubble with a haggard facial expression. They both sport double-breasted coats in deep blue with shiny belts and shield prints on the torso. The third officer seems to be the police chief, a woman with a wink and freckles on her face. She also sports ranking ribbons which tells us she’s in charge of the team.

The Police Station was designed to fit alongside the modular Bookshop released last year.

The Police Station will be available for purchase starting January 1, 2021. The full press release from LEGO as well as an expanded photo gallery is included below.


Date: 27th November 2020

The LEGO Group has announced an amazingly detailed new addition to its Modular Buildings Collection with the unveiling of the LEGO Police Station.

Hiding a wealth of features behind its impressive facade, the eye-catching new model consists of three floors and a modular structure that allows LEGO fans to fully explore the intricate interiors and increase the building’s height.

Designed as a centrepiece to a bustling LEGO neighbourhood, the LEGO Police Station also comes complete with a donut shop brimming with sweet treats and a newspaper kiosk, as well as five minifigures including a 1940s-inspired police officer for ample storytelling possibilities.

Adding further architectural interest, the outside is decorated with brightly coloured awnings and ornate cornicing. The LEGO Police Station is fully compatible with other products from the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection and makes a striking display piece alongside these, as well as on its own.

The feature-packed floors of the LEGO Police Station are filled with secret surprises and delights for true-crime fans. On building the set, it soon becomes apparent that a mystery donut thief is on the loose. Naturally, the LEGO Police Station is fully equipped to tackle even the most sugary-sweet of crimes, with an evidence locker, jail cell, interrogation room and case board with red lines connecting all the clues.

Inside, all levels are connected by a grand staircase and are stocked with uniquely designed pieces including a billboard, telephone and a typewriter. The ultimate Easter Eggs and clues to solving the mystery of the Donut thief come in the form of a hidden escape route beneath the jail cell and a secret access route to the Donut shop.

Chris McVeigh designer at the LEGO Group commented: “We’ve had a lot of fun designing the LEGO Police Station. An architectural gem and treasure trove of quirky features, it’s the perfect place to start building your LEGO streetscape, or a brilliant addition to an existing one.”

Totaling 2,923 pieces, the LEGO Police Station is the latest addition to the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection which also includes the Bookshop, Assembly Square and Corner Garage. The LEGO Police Station will be available to purchase at and from LEGO Retail Stores from January 1st 2021.

  • Model measures:
    • Height: 37cm/14.5in.
    • Width: 25cm/10in.
    • Depth: 25cm/10in.
  • 2,923 pieces
  • Packed with clever design features and unexpected surprises, this LEGO Police Station (10278) model building kit is the perfect set for adults looking for a mindful project.
  • With 2,923 pieces and 5 minifigures, the LEGO Police Station offers plenty to discover.
  • Key details include a case board with authentic red lines connecting the clues, reel-to-reel recorder, jail cell, evidence locker and more.
  • Ideal for true-crime fans and LEGO lovers alike, this building kit gives hours of enjoyment and a creative experience that will appeal to adults.
  • This police station set is part of the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection of creative building sets designed for LEGO building fans who love stunning design, intricate details and elegant architecture.

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30 comments on “LEGO reveals 10278 Police Station as next in the Modular Buildings Collection [News]

  1. Todd Dunaway

    Yes! About time the police got a building similar to the fire department. Still not sure why they don’t release these prior to Christmas, but alas, they are at least being made.

  2. Håkan

    Hmm, the redhead woman there hasn’t been involved in the design process? She’s just a model?

    (At first I thought she looked too serious to be a model, but maybe it’s a ‘serious’ build.)

  3. Craig

    It’s a beautiful design, but it feels slightly out of touch given the nationwide uprisings against policing in the US. White people are finally beginning to realize that police forces are reactionary institutions that engulf entire municipal budgets and foster deep divisions within communities. The same exact building would have made a nice post office, in my opinion.

  4. Dan Treadwell

    Agree completely with Craig. This year, post office workers were heroes. Those others… not so much.

  5. Nikki

    I would love to see a post office modular!!! ^^^^ I agree with how out of touch it is. I do understand that the model has been planned for years in advance, but it is still unfortunate timing. A hard pass for me, but the post office idea would be so cool

  6. Veganfox

    As important as it is to question institutions like the police critically, especially considering recent events, I highly doubt TLC is going to get political. They repeatedly stated they don’t want to make or endorse political statements (Hence the whole discussion about the Osprey).
    Also, TLC is not nor will it ever be an American company and EMEA is still it’s biggest market, so why should they take US internal affairs into consideration?

    This would have made a perfect Post Office nonetheless!

  7. Håkan


    This set has probably been in production for years, with no finalized alternative. So it was likely the option of this modular or none…

  8. WemWem

    At least this would be easy to modify into NOT a police station. Just pop off that nameplate on the front, rework the interior and toss the cop figs. Would make a good newspaper office, fashion designer house, or art gallery.

    We’ll just keep waiting for a post office or natural history museum in the meantime…

  9. Zeessi

    Astounded that they’d produce this set amidst the continuing police violence across not only the US and Europe, but also Africa, and South America, and Asia… All the lip service from a few months back after pulling the advertisements, the campaign to build a better world, and so on, but they continue to glorify and profit from state sponsored violence? Read the room Lego! We haven’t forgotten about this stuff because it is STILL HAPPENING! SMH

  10. Sebastian

    Sad to read the comments here. Just because the USA has a police violence issue, the entire world should be denied a toy police station? ‘Glorification of police violence’, how do people come up with this nonsense? Silly self centered Americans…

    My country has no issue with police, so I have no objection to adding this modular to my LEGO city, provided the reviews are good and it’s worth the price tag.

  11. Vector

    @Craig @Dan @Nikki @Zeessi Totally agreed!

    People complain about “stop injecting politics into X”, but remember that racism, police brutality, etc. aren’t just things that stop existing when you don’t think about them. For many people, these are the realities of their everyday lives.

    As for all the people complaining about “America-centered” stuff, Lego themselves made a statement and pulled all advertising of police sets in response to police brutality in the US. Even when those sets were the watered-down cops-and-robbers portrayal of police. Why should it be different now? (Not to mention police corruption and brutality aren’t only in the US, and it does a disservice to people outside of the US to dismiss these concerns as “Americans”.)

  12. Shalimar

    The commenters from the US are predictably stupid. Because this year some people decided the police are evil, we’re all supposed to agree they have no value or place in society. The obvious solution is for you to loot the Lego store.
    Guess how many doctors kill patients every year. Let’s ban donuts too, the sugar is subsidized by a greedy lobby with historic ties to Caribbean slavery.

  13. Audrick

    I do not agree, I think the American police force needs to be reformed, but I like that LEGO made the chief a woman.

  14. Audrick

    I think the us police force needs to be rebuilt. I hate that someone thinks the us needs more police. I like that LEGO made the chief a woman.

  15. audrick

    I never said all police are evil. But a whole lot of them are, and definitely in America!! It’s not just “silly American lives” being lost, it’s human lives being taken.

  16. audrick

    Maybe police aren’t a problem in your country, but it doesn’t change they fact that they are in a lot.

  17. audrick

    It’s not like someone just came up with the idea that police are evil, and it’s not like this is a new thing. police have been acting like people of other races aren’t humans for hundreds of years, but It still hasn’t stopped.

  18. Poot

    Wow, just sad the comments here. It’s LEGO for Christ sakes, let kids play and use their imaginations.It’s not like LEGO added a black minifig to be beaten by the yellow police minifigs. Jesus your souls are lost.

  19. audrick

    Don’t say the comments from the us are predictably stupid. Don’t judge all of America by the person who’s been our president for the past four years.

  20. Olwufemi Ngbobzi

    I don’t agree with the demonization of police, just like I don’t agree with the marginalization of any particular race or group. People complaining here that “don’t generalize all americans”, yet they are demonizing all police. No, it doesn’t make sense when you say “not all police are bad, but a lot are! So LEGO shouldn’t release a police station!”. I live in the US. I am from a marginalized group. I respect and appreciate the police. I grew up in Africa. Police were black and thugs were black. It’s not generally a race thing. It’s about maintaining peace and safety.

    If you think police are bad, I’d shudder to think what you’d think of most people in the absence of police. Lawlessness and increasingly violent crimes are always the result. Not all people are inherently good. Many people are opportunistic to a dangerous and reckless degree. I’ve lived through that, and I escaped it. I’m starting to see some of that happen here in the US now.

    I’ll happily support my local police department, independent of their race or ethnicity, and I’d happily buy this police station for myself and my kids. I take pride in teaching my kids not to demonize groups of people like all of you police-bashing folks are doing.

  21. audrick

    I never said lego shouldn’t release a police station, I was actually arguing against people in the the comments. I’m totally getting this set , and I don’t think lego was making a racist statement. I wasn’t saying all police are bad, there are many police who aren’t racist and actually do what police are supposed to do. But it is true that George Floyd, Eric Garner, and a lot of other people were murdered by police in the US.
    But lego should totally release a police station, fans have been requesting one for a while now and 2020 is just bad timing. I look forward to getting this set and can’t wait to add the amazing architecture to my modular collection, and I think it will fit right in. I have been waiting for the 2021 modular since I got into modular buildings. In no way do I think lego was trying to make a glorification of police violence or anything like that.

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