A castle ready for anything

With the dawn of the day, Crow Knights once again begin their dutiful watch over the land. Builder markus19840420 gives us a beautiful glimpse of the Crow Knights as they keep the kingdom safe.

Crow Knight Outpost

An incredible LEGO build resulted from hard work and tedious craftmanship. The way the water flows across the area’s base is stunning, especially how it flows off the edge like a waterfall. The plant life is perfectly placed. I admire the use of white in the tower walls. It’s not usually a color used unless the castle is nearly completely white, but here it works, contrasting enough with the grey to make the yellow and black of the Crow Knights’ uniforms pop.

5 comments on “A castle ready for anything

  1. Skes

    [ ten-yoo-uhs ]

    thin or slender in form, as a thread.

    lacking a sound basis, as reasoning; unsubstantiated; weak:
    a tenuous argument.

    thin in consistency; rare or rarefied.
    of slight importance or significance;

    He holds a rather tenuous position in history.

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  2. Chris (TBB Managing Editor)

    Oops, thanks for catching that! “Tedious” craftsmanship was what we meant, because this certainly must have taken a long time and a lot of careful effort! It’s definitely not questionable, because it’s absolutely amazing.

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