Vegetables and Track Switches galore

Forty, that is the amount of LEGO 9V Track Switches used by Jonas Kramm in this creation. I am not going to point all of them out to you, but some of them deserve a special mention. You can look for the rest yourself. He used two in the tuk-tuk, which by itself is a charming build. He used one as the scale pointer. My favorite use has to be the sign of the elderly couple where they are used as minimalist faces.

02 - Zhi Ruo’s vegetables

Besides all the excellent applications of the seed part, this LEGO creation has a lot more to offer. There are a lot of hair pieces used as cabbages. At least one cactus girl lost her limbs to represent cucumber or zucchini. And quite some ball joints to represent turnips. Last but not least is the garlic made from ice cream scoops drying inside the little house. I love it when a builder adds little details like these to places in their creation that are hardly visible.

4 comments on “Vegetables and Track Switches galore

  1. Łukasz Bogumił

    The amount of brilliant ideas one can find in every build made by Jonas is just ridiculous. This guy is just in a league of his own.

  2. Purple Dave

    The thing that popped out to me is the use of dark-azure Stormtrooper blasters. I hadn’t realized before just how many unreleased colors are available, and I have to admit I’m somewhat doubtful of the legitimacy of many of those special colors.

    But the other thing I wanted to comment on here is that, for the second time this year, I’ve loaded a page and had my browser hijacked. Both times it was this website. Might want to scour your system and look into the ad service you’re hooked up to. I will be running a full scan on my own system. Again. Didn’t find anything last time, but that’s no guarantee going forward.

  3. Håkan

    @Purple Dave

    I found a black 87993 ray gun in a thrift store bulk build recently. At first glance, it’s nearly indistinguishable from Lego’s variant, but it doesn’t have any Lego stamps, so I guess it’s a knockoff, of some sort. Apparently, there are a few sold on Bricklink, as well. (Otherwise, I guess the mold quality is fairly good for a knockoff clone. The other knockoff parts I found had shoddy print jobs, but generally acceptable molding.)

  4. Purple Dave

    I knew exactly which gun you were referring to before I even looked it up. There are two known official variants. 87993 is the CMF mold from S1 Robot and Astronaut. It has the LEGO logo inside all three studs (left, right, and barrel), the (C) symbol is on the left side of the trigger, and a single digit is on the right side. There are two grooves in each side of the housing towards the rear.

    13608 is the retail version. The raygun proved popular enough to import into regular sets, but the mood was in China, and probably exclusively for use in CMF production, so they cut a new mold. This has several differences. Inside the right and barrel studs is a tiered hole. There’s a collar to stop bars from going past a certain point, and then it’s just hollow beyond that. The right stud ends in a flat circle, while the barrel stud appears to end in a hemisphere. The left trigger is (C)LEGO, and the right side appears to be the new part number. The rear housing has only one cavity on each side, which is more of a parabolic shape.

    So, if you’re finding either of those, they’re both legit. If you’re finding a third variant…yeah, it might be a clone, unless there’s a third official variant that hasn’t been documented.

    In this case, though, there are four official colors of Stormtrooper blaster, but there’s around 20 colors currently available, and some of them are selling cheaper than the four known colors. Without even seeing copies in hand, that makes me suspicious. Maybe they’re legit, though. Maybe there’s just so little demand that they won’t sell unless they’re practically given away. Maybe someone got a little crazy requesting test samples in as many colors as they could get away with (they cranked out a ridiculous number of colors for the original Vader helmet, but most of those are incredibly rare), or one of the model shops ordered them and decided not to use them. And maybe they’re not moving because too many people (like me) look at the listings and feel like they’re staring at a trap.

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