First Look: Unboxing of the LEGO and Adidas ZX 8000 sneaker collaboration [News]

We get a first look at the LEGO and Adidas collaboration of the ZX 8000 with an unboxing video by Highsnobiety. The sneakers was sent by Adidas Headquarters in Germany in customised box for a media reveal.

The packaging arrived in a large LEGO blue box with the Adidas stripes on the sides and revealing a custom brick built box inside. The second box made with LEGO elements share the same colour motif as sneakers that we first had a peek of earlier this week. The final retail packaging is not expected to evoke this same unboxing experience.


A paper insert with a large letter L, earmarked for LEGO as with the other alphabets reserved for other collaboration efforts.


A shoelace charm in the shape of a modified LEGO 2×3 element and the lace cage with pseudo studs bring life to the LEGO signature touch.

The heel counter and stabiliser are also printed with the same pseudo studs and the underside highlights the Torsion system that Adidas first introduced in the 80s.

The insole carries both the LEGO and Adidas logo and the colour scheme represents the basic and bright brick colours of  blue, green, red, yellow and sure to be spotted from a far by any LEGO fan at heart.

Pricing and availability are not available but it is expected to drop sometime in September according to Highsnobiety. Check out the full unboxing in the instagram video below.