LEGO reveals new Universal Monsters license with BrickHeadz 40422 Frankenstein [Review]

Is it too early to be thinking about Halloween? Not at all! And LEGO is here to help us get into the (ahem) spirit of things with a new BrickHeadz set. But is this a seasonal offering or a hint of something more substantial to come? Say hello to 40422 BrickHeadz: Frankenstein, number 111 in the BrickHeadz collection. This 108-piece set has yet to get an official price or release date, but will likely match the $9.99 US pricing from the rest of the line. What secrets does this set have in store? Read on and see!

Set Contents

The front and back of the packaging are pretty standard, showing Frankie head-on and being attached to his display base. And, yeah, this set should probably be called “Frankenstein’s Monster” and not just “Frankenstein.” Normally, I’d just point you to the now-canonical XKCD strip that  makes it totally okay to just call him Frankenstein and move on with your life. But I can’t. Why? Because this isn’t just a public-domain Frankenstein…

This Frankenstein is part of a new Universal Monsters theme! Sadly, there are zero hints on the package or instruction book if there will be more BrickHeadz in this line, or if we’ll see Universal Monsters popping up in other LEGO forms. But we can hope, right?

Inside the package are three parts bags, a loose 6×6 plate, and the instruction manual. The booklet is folded in half to fit into the box, so there’s no escaping that crease.

Like most BrickHeadz, there are several exclusive printed parts to up the collectible factor. In this case, we get a 2×4 forehead tile with Frankie’s signature stitches, two somber eyes printed on half-circle tiles, and a tall 1×2 brick with a suit coat pattern. Also of note are some bright silver 1×1 round plates that will serve as the bolts on his neck. You’ll also get a spare of both the eye and 1×1 round. Bonus!

Sadly we don’t get a printed character name tile like we did back in the day. It would have been nice to get a Universal Monsters logo tile.

The build

There’s nothing unusual about the build; other than the 1×2 slope tiles used to make his eyebrow ridge Frankie has bog-standard BrickHeadz construction. That’s not to say there isn’t a little bit of fun to be had. Lurking under the dark tresses are some funky colors.  I found it pretty amusing that there was quite a bit of sand green in use in the interior–that’s a more “traditional” color for this monster after all. But this is Frankenstein from the age of black and white films, so a grey-scale exterior was a must.

The completed model

Overall this is a very cool looking display piece. Frankie’s head is taller than a standard BrickHeadz character, but not comically so. The monochromatic look keeps things classy, too, with the silver neck-bolts and sutures adding a bit of pop to the various shades of grey.

From the side you can appreciate the tooth plates used for his hair, and those deep-set eyes.

There’s not much going on from the back, but the shaping looks good and does feel “finished”.

Conclusion and recommendation

Halloween is a big event around my household, and this little guy is going to be front and center in our decorations this year. I like the choice to go with a “silver screen” look that hearkens back to the creature’s earliest cinematic appearances. The printed elements all look great, and the rest of the pieces would be useful for those just looking for a parts pack. (Although the value of that could change if they raise the price from standard on this.) Being the first (and maybe only) Universal Monsters BrickHeadz will probably help up the collectible factor for this set, too.

But really, I think he’s cool enough to pick up “just because”.

40422 BrickHeadz: Frankenstein will be available now LEGO Shop Online at some point in the future. It will also available via third-party sellers on Amazon and eBay.

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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