Super Mario has a huge headache he’s not telling us about

The LEGO Nintendo/ Mario craze has started thanks to the recent releases to plunder our wallets dry. Full disclosure, the person writing this article has never (ever) had the chance to play Super Mario during his younger years, but surely knows of how famous he is thanks to popular culture permeating all forms of media. First things first, this is a superb representation of Mario mid-flight by Lee Chi Wing (city son) that I’m familiar with, especially with the level of flexibility engineered into a brick-built character.

One-day challenge #3 - Mario (2020)

Now, what I see is a character running around slamming his head against hard mystery boxes and being rewarded with gold coins. His main objective is to… save a peachy princess? I’m in the opinion that he could have spent less time collecting coins because, surely as a princess, she’d be able to reward him with all the gold coins for rescuing her? I think he’s getting short-changed and probably needs to seek medical attention for that head of his eventually.  It’s all about perspective folks.

One-day challenge #3 - Mario (2020)

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  1. Håkan

    One thing, getting 100 coins rewards Mario with an ‘extra life’, which could be very handy with all the enemies being out to stop him… YOL99, guys!

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