He’s definitely compensating for something

What’s the point of a limousine? It has none, except to make the person riding in it seem important, whether that be a bride and groom on the way to the reception or a diplomat going to a complex negotiation. It’s the same with motorcades and bodyguards; their real purpose is to lend clout to the image of the one with them. So, what if the limo has armor and hidden weapons? It’s the same, just with more bang. And if a Humvee can become a luxury vehicle, why not a HEMTT? That was my (Benjamin Stenlund) thought, at least, for my latest LEGO creation. Add in a sporty car and a motorcycle, as well as a triumphal arch and statue, and you have the scene set for inflating someone’s ego.

The Limousine

Tasked with building an armored limo, I was inspired by the heavy military truck with 8 wheels. I added some gull-wing doors, because nothing says luxury like gull wing doors. And some retractable steps to descend from the passenger compartment, too, ready to step right onto the red carpet. The angles at the front of the cab were the hardest part of the build to get right, and honestly, that’s why I went with gull wings, since it did not require hinges on the front and the doors had to open. There are lots of complicated angles on the sides, too, but they weren’t as difficult to figure out as the front. The only problem is that despite it being armored, it is too fragile for my kids to play with.

The Limousine

2 comments on “He’s definitely compensating for something

  1. Pengyn Designs

    Tells me everything I need to know about a person when then blog their own creation for a compotition. Poor form dude, poor form.

  2. Andrew Becraft (TBB Editor-in-Chief)

    @Pengyn: We ask all our talented contributors to write up their own creations. There’s no mention of any contest in Benjamin’s write-up, and anybody with enough integrity to judge a contest certainly shouldn’t be influenced by whether or not a creation has been featured somewhere on the web.

    Have a bit of courtesy before leaving hateful comments on a builder’s work.

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