The LEGO 12-volt train era rides (around) again

LEGO train track used to be blue, but 40 years ago the Grey Era started, and Holger Matthes built this beautiful and functional Roundhouse “Bamberg” with some very modern parts and techniques, but still perfectly in the style of those classic 1980-1987 sets.

LEGO 12 V Roundhouse – front panorama view

Holger built the roundhouse with space for each of the seven steam engines released in the Grey Era, but the locomotives, vehicles, and the overall structure are Holger’s own. Check out the lovely brickwork done with 1×2 plates, not to mention the brick-bending to get the wide curve of the building. The 4-wide trucks, lots of exposed studs, and lumber made by simple cross-stacked plates keep the feel of the era spot-on. And it’s stunning at night:

LEGO 12 V Roundhouse – full view at night

Holger’s 12-volt train page has a writeup on the Roundhouse as well as details on many of the engines in it and the inspiration for each. If you’re interested in more on the history of LEGO trains, or building your own, his book The LEGO Trains Book is a great resource. But I’m sure what you’re wondering is, does it turn?

Yes. Yes it does.

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