BrickCon 2020 is moving online in October with a full convention for adult fans of LEGO [News]

BrickCon today announced that its 2020 convention in October will be moving from the Space Needle to cyberspace. BrickCon is TBB’s “home convention” that usually gathers hundreds of talented LEGO builders in Seattle to exhibit their creations and meet fellow AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO) from around the world. As you might expect due to the current state of the pandemic, a gathering of 500 attendees with more than 10,000 people from the general public isn’t feasible, so BrickCon organizers are translating the full convention to an online format.

BrickCon 2020 will be held online Oct. 2 – 4 with builder registration opening on Aug. 1st. The convention will feature a keynote, online MOC exhibition, building awards including Best of Show and People’s Choice, games, prizes, workshops, social events, and a virtual marketplace for LEGO-related vendors. The convention will also offer registered builders “BrickCon Bundles” for purchase that include mailed swag like exclusive t-shirts, engraved bricks, a custom LEGO kit, activities and “other surprises.”

For this year’s exhibition, BrickCon 2020 will also accept photorealistic renders of LEGO creations since the online format is capable of showcasing them well. An online convention also means that adult builders from anywhere across the globe can attend BrickCon 2020 at home without traveling. With everything going on in the world, The Brothers Brick is excited to see our fellow builders online at BrickCon 2020 in October!

The full BrickCon 2020 announcement, registration details, and contact information are included below.

BrickCon 2020 to be the largest ever online gathering of adult LEGO builders

The 19th annual convention of LEGO hobbyists is scaling up and moving online Oct. 2nd – 4th

SEATTLE, July 15, 2020: BrickCon has announced that its annual LEGO fan convention and public exhibition is going online. BrickCon 2020 will be held Oct. 2 – 4 and will offer adult LEGO builders a full online convention featuring awards, classes, workshops, prizes, vendors and more. The convention will be organized using several online platforms including the BrickCon YouTube channel with specific details to be announced soon.

“Based on the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. and to help protect people’s health, we have decided to change course with BrickCon 2020 and shift the convention to being fully online,” said Steven Walker, Director of BrickCon. “This means we are actually scaling up the convention to be the biggest simultaneous gathering of LEGO fans ever assembled online. We are translating the entire in-person BrickCon experience to a digital format.”

For BrickCon 2020, adult LEGO builders can expect an online version of the MOC exhibition featuring photos and video submissions. Awards will be given for LEGO creations in each theme like BrickCon classics Space, Town and Castle among others as well as the Best of Show award voted on by fellow builders. The People’s Choice award will be voted on by the general public who will be able to purchase tickets to the online exhibition portion presenting the LEGO creations. The theme of BrickCon 2020 is “Hindsight” which offers builders poignant inspiration for their creations this year. The online convention will also accept digital creation submissions, allowing photorealistic renders from 3D modeling software.

For adult convention attendees, BrickCon 2020 will also offer its annual keynote, several new games, building challenges, an awards ceremony, two days of LEGO-related classes and workshops as well as numerous social events to meet and catch up with the AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) community. If you are interested in either speaking at BrickCon 2020, organizing a workshop, or coordinating a group meetup online, please submit your request by using the BrickCon Idea Submission Form by Sep. 1st.

BrickCon 2020 will also gather the largest number of LEGO-related vendors that have ever been simultaneously featured at the convention, creating a virtual Brick Bazaar. The marketplace will offer both convention attendees and the general public access to BrickCon swag and exclusive items, current and retired LEGO sets, minifigures, apparel, memorabilia, books, custom artwork, lighting, jewelry and more.

“Because you can’t come to us this year, we are bringing BrickCon 2020 to you,” said Walker. “We are offering a variety of ‘BrickCon Bundle’ convention packages that will be mailed ahead of time which will include our traditional engraved bricks, an exclusive t-shirt, access to prizes, and other surprises. We will also ship a limited number of our exclusive ‘Con Model’ LEGO kits which will be available for purchase and are appropriately themed for an online convention in this day and age.”

BrickCon 2020 adult builder registration will be available for $50.00 USD per person which includes full access to the convention and a “BrickCon Bundle” with custom engraved badge bricks, exclusive BrickCon t-shirt and other surprises (limited bundle availability, shipping not included). A less expensive $35.00 USD per person registration includes access to the convention and an exclusive BrickCon t-shirt (shipping not included). A $25.00 USD per person registration-only option with no mailed materials will also be available. Online builder registration for BrickCon 2020 attendees begins August 1st starting at 9:00 AM PT at

Public access tickets to the BrickCon 2020 Online Exhibition will go on sale Sept. 1st at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for more details coming soon.

For questions about the convention or if you would like to become a vendor or sponsor of BrickCon 2020, please contact

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