Something to ponder

I’m old enough to remember when things were simpler, and LEGO Tensegrity builds were all the rage. This sculpture from Bendrig evokes the calm and peaceful state of a nearly forgotten age. Arch bricks and curved slopes create an organic trunk, and there’s just the right amount of foliage. I also like the simplicity of the two-tone base where a layer of loose 1×1 round plate makes for a nice zen-garden feel.

Tensegrity Bonsai

It’s nice just to take a break and ponder the natural levitation of this sculpture. Maybe one day more things will be in balance like this.

1 comment on “Something to ponder

  1. John Mansi

    Love this… there’s a certain beauty and dichotomy in using the looks of wood and metal together – even though this is all plastic… the Tree and the Chain makes the imagery complete. In my LEGO displays at home, I love the look of the clean smooth plastic displayed with rustic wood display peices for the same reasons.

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