Alfa Romeo romeo, wherefore art thou?

First introduced in Europe in 2013, the Alfa Romeo 4C was rolled out in North America the following year — the Italian manufacturer’s first foray into the US production car market in the 21st century. As you’d expect for an Alfa, the car is a stylish beast, with smooth curves and that distinctive plunging V-bonnet which always make me think of an eagle’s beak. And as you’d expect from a LEGO car from Noah L, his brick-built version is a smart recreation of the original’s lines, put together in a remarkably tight 15-stud wide footprint.

Alfa Romeo 4C (1)

I’m always thoroughly impressed with the level of detail Noah manages to cram into his cars, whilst still keeping the exterior lines smooth and clean. Even better, his models usually boast opening doors and bonnets or boots, and this vehicle is no exception. Check out the detailed interior…

Alfa Romeo 4C