The heroes among us

I won’t lie, this is a scary image to me. Enough of my family (both chosen and biological) are in high-risk groups when it comes to COVID-19. Seeing a possible future, even “just” in LEGO form, is sobering. But this is also an inspirational image. Health care professionals are doing everything in their power to help, often at great personal risk. That, to me, is a level of heroism that deserves to be recognized. Builder Horhat Razvan shares my view, based on this creation. It is part of the Brickenburg Association and LEGO Certified Store Romania initiative #eroiidintrenoi. Which, as you may have guessed, means “the heroes among us.”

The heroes among us

From a LEGO and photographic standpoint, I like the bright light and clean lines captured here. The bed looks completely functional, as does the supporting equipment. Printed tiles give just the right level of technical detail to the setting, and the use of a pneumatic T-piece for the ventilator is both apt and clever. Razvan says that they would have given the minfigures the correct protective gear, but they lacked those parts. (Shortages seem like a common theme, sadly.)

Even when this crisis passes, let’s all do our best to keep health care professionals in our highest regard. Because this is what they do. They care. Every day.

4 comments on “The heroes among us

  1. Dan Schneider

    Administering drugs doesn’t make you a hero. It makes you a rent-seeking technician. Most people avoid them as much as possible, even turning to Dr Google, for self-help. Why is this blog getting political?

  2. dave

    I think the better question is why are you such a jerk? If you think medical people putting their lives on the line treating a pervasive infectious disease with equipment shortages isn’t heroic, it just says a lot about how pathetic a human being you are. I bet you’re of those people screaming at nurses to go back to China.

  3. Chris Doyle Post author

    I wrote this one up. I get to work with health care professionals in my day job, and they really do deserve our respect. They’re heroes everyday, not just when it’s politically convenient to frame them as such. Trust me, I left as much of my personal politics out of the post as I could. So maybe take a deep breath and read up on a concept I like to call “compassion” or “thinking about other people’s problems rather than just your own”

  4. denver80203

    jeepers Dan what crawled up your butt? How is honoring health are professionals even remotely political? Don’t answer… it doesn’t belong here.

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