LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 20 official images revealed [News]

The Brothers Brick shared the actual in-person look at the upcoming Collectible Minifigures Series 20 celebrating the 10 Anniversary since the introduction in 2010 via the reveal at Toy Fair New York just weeks ago. Today we get to see the official product images released by The Minifigure Store (UK).

Viking and Pirate Girl

Super Warrior and Tournament Knight

Pinata Boy and Pyjama Girl

Peapod Costume Girl and Sea Rescuer

Martial Arts Boy and Breakdancer

Llama Costume Girl and Brick Costume Guy

Drone Boy and 80s Musician

Athlete and Space Fan

Check out the full gallery of images below:

16 comments on “LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 20 official images revealed [News]

  1. Silverlink

    Reminds me of “Krusty the Clown poses for trading card photo”. Hmmm guess, they are running low on ideas.

  2. Ajay

    Disappointed there isn’t a ‘Mrs. Gold’ or equivalent. would have been good for the 20th Line.

  3. Håkan


    No no no. I hate all attempts of artificial scarcity… Apart from the collector shtick, Mr. Gold wasn’t even that remarkable imho…

    Otherwise, I’m thinking about snagging the Viking, Space Fan and Super Warrior. Possibly also the Breakdancer and 80s Musician, depending on price.

  4. Håkan


    Hmmm, skimming through BrickLink listings, you seem to be correct, although it’s quite similar to the chromed swords from around the 90’s.

  5. Håkan

    Hmmm, there was a rumor that the keytar was printed up-side-down, although an image search for keytar seems to indicate both versions exist.

  6. Gomek

    Wait you actually WANT a redo of the most hated minifigure in Lego history? Is NOT being able to get something actually fun? Last time I checked it amounted to a big FU to fans.

    As for the rest of the series, with the exception of the knight, viking and pirate, seems like a whole lot of figures that could have been in any given city set.

  7. Håkan


    Hmm, there are rumors about a new Divers theme, but otherwise City minifigs generally tend to be quite generic. There’s little space for subcultures such as hiphoppers, punkers, goths or lolitas…

  8. Håkan


    Hmmm, “Axeleng” wrote on Brickset
    “The problem isn’t the neck, it’s how the keys has been printed upside-down so the black ones face the upper edge rather than down/towards the center line as in the pictures you link to.”

    Sorry for that, then.

  9. Legoinsel

    There are more questions than answers. The keytar – if matching the pics – is printed upside down, why does the pea girl have an apple? Why does the piratesse only come with a dagger and nothing else?
    I guess asking for another mr gold is just trolling ????

  10. Hammersteinnwc

    Some cool hats helmets and hairpieces but not a classic IMO – give us a castle/classic space CMf and we can all shuffle off to our nerd holes happy :)

  11. Håkan


    Tournament Knight is not Classic enough for you? (Or would you want a complete series?)

  12. J

    I think this series overdid it with the costume figs. I would have liked to see another sci-fi or fantasy type figs instead.

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