Building ships with bricks

Ahoy there! The Peregrinus Shipyard is looking for boat builders to assemble seafaring vessels. Chief among these builders is Gabriel Thompson, the maker of this fantastic creation.

Peregrinus shipyard 1

The shipyard is built on one thing: detail. From the roof design to the water depth, everything about the Peregrinus Shipyard is extremely eye-pleasing. I’m especially impressed by the brickwork in the walls of the drydocks.

Peregrinus shipyard 5

The use of the grey ingot tiles give the walls a realistic texture, an expert touch that many builders struggle to figure out how to do. Along with texture, Gabriel also added color variation to give the drydocks a sense of age.

The most realistic part of this build, however, is the seagull. You can’t have a seaside shipyard without them.

Peregrinus shipyard 3