Sleek and smooth viper strikes a bold balance

There are some parts in any LEGO collection that seem to have few uses outside the intended purpose of the set they come in. I might have considered these angled helicopter rotors in this category, but official LEGO Model Designer Chris Perron and this sleek and clean custom racing ship say otherwise. Finding the perfect use for two rotor parts fore an aft of the transparent orange cockpit, Chris also combines black and teal and some very unusual angles to create a ship that looks very much at home alongside the bright aesthetic of the racing game Wipeout, which inspired an entire genre of LEGO creations known as Vic Vipers.

Dark Phantom

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  1. Ricardo Nunes

    Not to be pedantic, but the Vic Viper actually refers to the ships in the Gradius videogame series, which itself predates the Wipeout series by about 10 years. The similarities between all of them are very much there however.

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