You might want to have that growth looked at.

There have been enough medical issues in my extended family that I know you have to take an unexpected growth or bump seriously. Early detection is often an important factor in survival, and ignoring things almost never has a good outcome. LEGO builder Djokson brings us a cautionary tale in this vein with The Husk of Minaurogg. I’m sure that Minaurogg was a happy-go-lucky type of person. You can see that reflected in their cheerful helm (skillfully constructed from a minifigure shield, robot arms and elbow bricks.) and well groomed nails. Sadly, all that mirth has come to a sudden halt as Minaurogg has come down with a bad case of…something. A growth of round tiles in transparent purple have boiled up, and a couple of giant pustules look ready to burst. There’s also severe discoloration of the arm with new spiky outgrowths on the shoulder. And that one red eye seems pretty bloodshot.

The Husk of Minaurogg

Ah, maybe it’s just me being alarmist. I’m sure I few days of bed rest is all that’s required to set things right!

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  1. Frédéric kostecki

    Nice build. Reminds me of season 3 of Wakfu, when Tristepin melts with his beloved shushu Rubilax and then gets a magical right arm, which takes such an appearance while transforming. If you don’t know Wakfu but like good anime, mix of heroic fantasy and heroes saving the world, then hurry up and catch season one for a start, with the promise that you will enjoy it from the start to the end.

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