A collectible alternative for those on a tight budget

It’s common knowledge that LEGO bricks aren’t the most inexpensive things in the world. We love them, obviously, but they’re something you have to do a bit of planning to afford. What then do you do when LEGO introduces something very cool like a giant wooden minifigure with a high-end price tag? Maybe you’re lucky enough to find room in your budget for one of your own. Or, maybe, you look for other creative solutions. Ryanzilbn found a great way to enjoy things while still keeping a little cash in their pocket.

This minifigure-scaled-minifigure (There’s a concept for you!) has the signature tan body and yellow hands of its wooden counterpart. The brick-built packaging closely matches the released version, with bright colors, a recessed collection of bricks, and even a representation of the informational booklet.

I may have to try building a copy of this creation for myself. It’s either that, or hope that Santa is really generous this year.