A new twist in motorcycle technology

One of my favorite builders, Sheo, is back again, this time giving us a custom motorcycle a unique twist. The futuristic Infinity bypasses the usual wheels, and even forgoes sci-fi hover technology. Instead, a Möbius strip winds its way through the body, providing a drive train that, by definition, just doesn’t quit. This infinite drive is backed with infinite power from the on-board fusion cell, letting this bike go, in the words of the builder, “where no one has gone before!” (We may have seen a similar quote somewhere else before.)


From a LEGO perspective, the larger scale to this build gives us some really nice detailing. The “Fusion” logo on the central body is brick-built, making good use of tiles and cheese slopes. The handlebars have some interesting part usage like minifigure sports helmets and rubber tires on the end of the grips. The headlight covering made of 6 x 6 x 2 windscreens provides a very aerodynamic shape to the front, matching the rest of the sleek styling.

3 comments on “A new twist in motorcycle technology

  1. Ollie

    Great design, but wouldn’t work unless it’s meant to be a hover bike. Contact points move in opposite directions.

  2. Chris Doyle Post author

    Dr Morbius, you’re probably right – although I think a case could be made that we don’t really know what sort of connection the tread has in the area hidden by the engine mount. ;)

    Ollie, that’s a great observation! I wish I had spotted that.

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