First to the flames

Fire engines are serious business, with each one being built to the specifications of the fire department placing the order. When building a LEGO version of a fire apparatus, you almost have to see it in person to analyze all the details that make it unique. Last year, Sven’s vacation in New York City landed him the opportunity to ride around in the Harlem Hilton firehouse’s Engine 69. The experience left such an impression on him that he had to make his own version of the truck and, as you can see, it is packed with plenty of detail. The proportions feel just right, as does the greebling of the gauges and switches. Finishing off the model are some phenomenal custom decals, allowing the LEGO truck to faithfully represent its real-life counterpart.

FDNY Engine 69 Harlem Hilton

Flipping the engine around reveals that Sven’s model can be appreciated from multiple angles. The only thing that’s missing are some minifig firefighters! Perhaps they’re taking a needed break from fighting fires to fire up the grill and eat some burgers.

FDNY Engine 69 Harlem Hilton

2 comments on “First to the flames

  1. Sven

    Thanks so much for introducing my latest truck. I have built several FDNY trucks now but this one is very special and it was very important to me to build it ;) . What the guys at the firehouse still don’t know. This rig will be sent to them this year. It’s not the first time a FDNY rig of my collection is making his way to NYC. Btw, the story is so nicely written. Really enjoy it! Thanks again so much :)


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