Everybody scream! Everybody scream, In our town of Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner and builder monstrophonic is bringing the spooky with this excellent rendition of Jack Skellington’s house. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite holiday movies and it pulls double duty as either a Halloween or a Christmas movie. Of course in my house we watch it at both times. And sometimes, just because.

Jack Skellington's house

Tim Burton’s visual style is so unique and I was thrilled to see this pitch-perfect rendition of Jack’s kooky domicile. The skinny stone steps are just great and the builder’s skill in creating a building that seems to defy gravity is fantastic and not an easy feat. The tile work on the house and shingles of the roof give a nice ramshackle feeling to the whole thing. The chimney is wonderfully creative, being made from different sizes of barrels. All of the little details employed to flesh out the final look work beautifully including the yellow bat topper, a decorative window treatment utilizing printed Unikitty tails and the curvy supports on the front porch.

The landscape surrounding the house could stand on its own as a separate little scene. I love that the builder opted to create his own wrought iron fence rather than go with the standard LEGO piece, and the combination of Technic parts and droid arms make a perfectly creepy, leafless tree. Finishing it all off is the doghouse containing Jack’s faithful companion, Zero. His eyes peeking out from the darkness are a great little visual joke.

Jack and Sally

We will now honor this model with the praise it deserves! Please join me in a hearty shout… “Everyone hail The Pumpkin King!”

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  1. HÃ¥kan

    Apparently the build has now made a spot in the Lego Monsterpiece Gallery in the Lego House in Billund.

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