Star Wars Separatist Brick Destroyer Ultimate Collector Series

While fans scream out upon seeing yet another UCS Millennium Falcon (whether it’s in joy or angst is a different discussion altogether), flying right under the radar is the Separatist Brick Destroyer, or SBD, in LEGO Ultimate Series Collector scale. I must say this design by L-DI-EGO is one of the best re-imaginings of the humble LEGO brick separator. The intense greebling makes it all more realistic and I think it definitely needs to be considered for an upcoming Star Wars movie. After all, the Slave 1 reminds me of a household iron, I don’t see why this can’t be part of the lineup.

UCS Separator-class Star Destroyer

Check out the menacing details and raw power of the underside, uh, I mean dark side!

Engines - Separator-class Star Destroyer

2 comments on “Star Wars Separatist Brick Destroyer Ultimate Collector Series

  1. Håkan

    But this is based on the modern variant, right? Considering the gray color, a version based on the older variant might have been more appropriate, but maybe it would be less recognizable.

  2. Ron

    OMG… I feel so dumb! First I was totally confused by what this was supposed to be… probably because I own tons of brick separators, but never use one. It really took a while until I understood what this was supposed to represent. Cool idea, sorry for my slow thinking. LOL.

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